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Strength vs. Bitter "The Myth"

Ground Coffee

Did you know that bitter and strength are different? 


Don't worry, most don't.  Bitterness comes from over-extraction while coffee strength is determined by how much coffee is used.  This is why the right grind size is one of the most essential things for a good cup of coffee you can actually drink "black or otherwise".  Yes you heard me, you can drink coffee black without making that scrunched up face (We all know that face). 

Whole Bean, Grounds & Why the Grind Matters!

We get this question lot.  Honestly, it doesn't matter which one you buy, but it's VITAL to ensure your grounds were freshly ground & the right size.  Whole beans stay fresh for up to 6 months while grounded coffee stays within the freshness threshold for only 2 weeks.  That's why when you buy from us we grind your coffee the day you order it.  No coffee matches our freshness!!!

Whole Bean vs. Grounds

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 The Roasting Process

Triple Blended Coffee Beans

Why our roasts are better?


 Most coffee roasters roast coffee to color which more often than not, creates an unbalanced batch of roasted coffee.  Unbalanced batches makes it hard to enjoy coffee black or otherwise & often increases the acidity which is hard on your stomach.  We, on the other hand, roast to flavor.  Coffee is like wine, you have to take into account all the weather conditions, soil, environment, etc to roast to perfection.  Well, that's what we do.  We roast to flavor while others roast to color (UGH).   

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