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We’re a small batch coffee roasting company who believes “The Essence of Humanity is in Helping Others”. 
Your Purchase/Membership provides significant, ongoing donations to life changing organizations assisting with: 
a. Veterans
b. Awareness of Congenital Heart Defects
c. Education for Military Families
d. Clothing, School Supplies, etc.




Thank you for helping us help others!

As a veteran and businessman, I have seen the gap between companies and clients increase to the point where people do not feel like they are valued. That is why here at Heat2Heart Coffee we do things very differently than most.


Here you ARE NOT a transaction, YOU ARE FAMILY.

Sydney & Megan.jpg

Sydney 2015        Sydney 2020 with Megan

Sydney was born with a Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) in June 2015. She had heart surgery a few days after being born. Our experience drives our passion for wanting to help others going through hard times. We are beyond grateful for the support from other CHD families and the military community. Thank you all so much.

Sydney loves being a big sister to Megan and loves helping others just as much. Our girls keep us focused on a daily basis.


The Whole Family

Meet the whole family, My wife Colleen (AKA The Brain), the oldest (Sydney) , the youngest (Megan), and myself, Kyle. We are a family focused on giving back to others and your donations and purchases help make that happen. So with that said, let us say THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO.

We look forward to meeting you all and having you as part of the family here at Heart2Heart Coffee. As stated before, you are not a transaction here, you are FAMILY